The Paani Project

The Paani Project

We've partnered with the Paani Project team for the Pakistan series this November.
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For November & December, we've partnered with the Paani Project team on the Pakistan series. On top of aiming to give back to our communities by donating a portion of every purchase to the project—we want to highlight the inspiring story behind this powerful initiative they've sparked.

What is Paani Project?

Paani Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization fueled by young professionals who work with community partners & institutions in the U.S. & South Asia in order to create sustainable solutions of clean water supply & improve health disparities. This is primarily done by building wells in water-stressed areas of South Asia.

How did it start?

"As children of immigrants, we recognized that our parents left the country of their childhood to move to an area that gave their children better access to resources. That access comes with a level of responsibility. One that compels us to embrace our dual identity & give back to the region that provided for our parents."

What has been the impact so far?

1,000 wells built
$400,000+ donated
2,500,000 meals supplied
$0 in overhead costs

How do donations help?

• Standard Well—$200, aids 50 people
Deepwater Well—$600, aids 300 people
Solar Water Center—$15,000, aids 2,000 people

The true power behind this initiative is the fact that
every dollar goes directly to their beneficiaries. Not a single dollar is used for operational costs. 

To donate directly to Paani Project, visit their donation page here!