Dār: Pakistan Series

Dār: Pakistan Series

Introducing the Dār: Pakistan Serieslaunching November 10th, 2020.
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Introducing the Dār: Pakistan Series—launching November 10th, 2020.

A series led by Pakistani artists, educators, innovators, & story-tellers. They guided the way through a collection of illustrations that study the rich history & modern cultures of the Pakistani land. The series pays homage to the myriad of ethnic groups that make up the region & honors the textiles, languages, foods, landscapes, & even architecture styles that roam the country.

Beyond our diverse team of Pakistanis & non-Pakistanis that were brought on for the project to create new artwork post-study, we collaborated with Pakistani artists to share their existing illustrations with our audience.
Check out the collaborations here!

An exciting element to the launch is our partnership with the Paani Project through November & December! They're a non-profit organization that provides relief to water-stressed regions throughout the South Asian region. Every purchase from the Pakistan series will provide financial support to this truly exceptional initiative.
Learn more about the Paani Project here!