Dār Collective is a study of our collective cultures. We believe in the shared experience of culture & value the traditions of our fellow brothers & sisters.

Our team is made up of third-culture kids with roots from all regions of the world.

Our brand is guided by the need to express our cultural identities by highlighting truly exceptional creatives & innovators that occupy our community spaces. We offer our platform as a means of sharing their creations with our growing audience. As story-tellers of their lands, we let their voices guide each series. Using the latest series as an example, here's how—

• We spoke with educators to better understand the history of Pakistan & its range of ethnicities.
• We collaborated with Pakistani artists to share their existing artwork with the world. To do so, we had a call for Pakistani illustrators & received hundreds of submissions—from the suburbs of the US to the rural towns of Pakistan.
• We hired Pakistani creatives to lead the art direction of new artwork. 
• We interviewed the elderly to teach us the ways of the land that once was.
• We partnered with philanthropists who are empowering our underserved Pakistani brothers & sisters back home through humanitarian aid.

These champions of community & culture are the guides of every Dār series. They are the leaders & we simply provide the platform. As a team of diverse individuals, we ensure that we are asking, studying, & listening to the interests & values of our fellow community members. 

Click here to learn about some of the creatives we've collaborated with!